Laura Herman


William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education

Ontario, Canada

JTS Degree Program: Doctor of Education, Jewish Education

After JTS: (I plan to) do research for a Jewish organization. Ideally, I would like to be in an environment where I can think critically about how research influences organizational strategy, and how it can be used to more effectively reach out to the target population of any given institution.

Extracurricular/Cocurricular Activities:
The Davidson School cohort has met a number of times for Shabbat dinners, which are a great way to get to know people outside of the school environment. 

Internship(s): This past year, I worked as a research assistant for The Davidson School's ReFrame: Experiential Education in Congregational Schools program, which helps synagogues determine how experiential education can be used in their schools. It was a great way to think about what I am learning in a different context, and to gain firsthand experience with various forms of qualitative research. 

Favorite Class at JTS: I really enjoyed my Modern Jewish Identity class. The readings and discussions helped frame some of the work I did before coming to The Davidson School, and gave me additional resources for the work I am hoping to do in the future. I also enjoyed being able to conduct my own research project during the course. Dr. Davidson, who taught the class, was very helpful in mentoring me during the project. 

Best JTS Experience: Participating in the Visions and Voices of Israel Seminar over winter break was particularly memorable. The activities were enlightening, and provided me an opportunity to think about a different element of Jewish education. I also really appreciated being away from the classroom with my peers and getting to know them better.

Favorite Things About Living in New York City: It's great to be in close proximity to so many things. I like that there are a lot of learning opportunities outside of school that I can take advantage of. In the fall semester, I took a class at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, which supplemented my learning and was a nice way to connect with the broader Jewish community of New York City.