Visions and Voices

During the winter break between the first and second semesters, the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education sends its first-year students to an educational seminar in Israel.

This seminar is required for first-year students and enables them to confront different educational visions and voices within Israel. For the 2014 entering class, the Visions and Voices trip will take place from January 4-January 14, 2015. 

The seminar focuses on three themes:

  • The place of Israel in Diaspora Jewish identity;
  • Educational visions within Israel; and
  • Teaching Israel in the Diaspora.

The journey takes students inside Israel to experience unique educational, cultural, and spiritual activities and discussions. Read reflections by 2013 Visions and Voices students at The Davidson School in Israel blog.












"It is such an interesting and eye-opening experience. From seeing the Bedouin village, to spending the afternoon with an Israeli Arab, I feel as if I am re-experiencing Israel in a way I never have before. It's suprising that I can still feel like Israel can be experienced in new and thought-provoking ways by someone like myself who has lived here and been here many times, but this trip has helped me re-evaluate my relationship to Israel."

Ben Greenberg

"I am having a wonderful time on this trip. As someone who has staffed several Taglit-Birthright Israel trips prior to this experience, it has been very fulfilling to retroactively explore questions and issues regarding American Jews and Israel in ways I hadn't before. The trip has had a definite impact on my development as a Jewish educator."

— Aviva Perlman

"Although the Visions and Voices of Israel Seminar is my seventh time in Israel, this trip is unique in many ways. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities provided for us and am most impressed by the care and attention put into the itinerary by the trip's organizers."

— Israel Gordon

"I am amazed by the amount of thought and effort that has gone into planning this trip and the tremendous generosity that has enabled us to participate. Every day has been full of surprises and challenges that have already changed me. Already, between our visit to the Bedouin village, followed by an extensive debriefing with our student guide from Ben Gurion University, I see that whatever I might have experienced before was nothing more than a warm up for the education I have already received on this trip."

Mike Weis