Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983), Lecture Notes.

  • Dates: 1954; n.d.
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  • Languages: English
  • Location: Special Collections Reading Room, Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
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  • Related Collections: Mordecai Kaplan Diaries (in library archives); Record Group 3B, Faculty Files, files on Kaplan.

DBC, 5/21/93

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Biographical Note

 [see caption]
Professor Mordecai Kaplan, with colleagues on the faculty, at commencement, 1963.

Mordecai M. Kaplan (1881-1983), long-time Seminary professor (1910-1963) and dean of its Teachers Institute (1909-1946), rabbi, educator and founder of the Reconstructionist movement, was born June 11, 1881 in Swenziany, Lithuania. In 1889 he came to New York with his family.

Kaplan received his BA from the City College of New York, 1900; ordination from The Jewish Theological Seminary, 1902; an MA from Columbia University, 1902; semichah (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Isaac Jacob Reines of Lida, Russia, 1908; and a DHL from the Seminary. He married Lena Rubin in 1908 and the couple had four daughters. After Lena Kaplan's death, Kaplan married Rivka (?) in 1951. At the age of 95 he immigrated to Israel. Kaplan died in November, 1983 at the age of 102 in New York City.

Collection Description

Included here are mimeographed lectures, 1950s delivered by Kaplan to classes at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Kaplan's topics are: "A Reorientation to Zionism," "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," and other topics.

Also included are mimeographed lecture notes from the lecture series on Zionism Kaplan gave for the Seminary's Israel Institute in 1954. These served as the basis of a later book: A New Zionism (New York: Herzl Press, 1955).

These lectures are mostly in the form of photocopies made by the Ratner Center from the original stencils, some of which are decaying and all of which are sticky with ink. The original stencils have been returned to the Seminary's attic where the Ratner Center found them, in drawers 103/1, 179/4 and 216/5. Some of the stencils from the lecture notes in folder 9 were uncopiable. These stencils are in attic drawer 241/1.

Box List

Box Folder(s) Description
1 1 "A Reorientation to Zionism," n.d. pp. 658-700 (3 copies)
 2 "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," n.d. pp. 351-446
 3 "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," n.d. pp. 447-548 (lacking p. 545)
 4 "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," n.d. pp. 549-620
 5 "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," n.d. pp. 621-658
 6 "Seminary-Israel Institute," 1954
 7 Photocopies from stencil, n.d. pp. 540-574
 8 Photocopies from stencil, n.d. pp. 540-754
 9 Copies from stencil, n.d.
pp. 124,125,128-130,151,153,154,171-173,182-284 [stencil pages not represented by copies can be found in Attic Drawer 241/1]