Jerome Lipnick (1918-1977), Papers.

  • Dates: 1935-1970s
  • Size: 2.5 linear ft.
  • Number of Boxes: 2
  • Languages:
    • English
    • Hebrew
  • Location: Special Collections Reading Room, Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
  • Restrictions: Reproduction of fragile items is not permitted; consult the archivist about literary rights.
  • Gift Of: Jonathan Lipnick
  • Date: July 8, 1992

TK, 7/8/92

Table of Contents:

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Biographical Note

Rabbi Jerome Lipnick was born in Baltimore in 1918. He graduated from Baltimore City College in 1936, Baltimore Hebrew College and Teachers Training School in 1940, and Johns Hopkins University in 1940. He was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1945. In June 1945, after his ordination, Rabbi Lipnick became the replacement rabbi for Congregation Beth Shalom in Wilmington, Delaware. From 1945 through 1946 he served as rabbi for Congregation Beth Jeshurun in Houston, Texas, and from 1946 through 1960 he served Congregation Beth El in Utica, New York. Lipnick left Beth El in 1960 in order to serve at Adath Jeshurun in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he remained until 1965.

After leaving Adath Jeshurun, Rabbi Lipnick spent one year as the educational consultant for the World Council of Synagogues in Jerusalem before returning to pulpit work in 1966 as the rabbi of the Jacksonville Jewish Center in Jacksonville, Florida. From 1969-1976 Rabbi Lipnick worked as the Director of Education for the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization in Washington D.C.

Rabbi Lipnick died in March, 1977.

Collection Description

Rabbi Lipnick's papers, which are composed primarily of photocopies, consist chiefly of his writings and rabbinical materials, mainly from the 1950s and 1960s. Some biographical material, and material relating to civil rights and other community and political activities is also included. Lipnick's writings include speeches and sermons on topics such as life cycle events, Torah portions, holidays, kashrut, Israel, Zionism, antisemitism and the Holocaust. Also included are eulogies and correspondence with congregants and colleagues. Of particular note among Lipnick's writings is a prayer he composed entitled "Prayer at the End of a Hard Day," and an article published in The Reconstructionist entitled "Retribution is Not Enough," which sought to find means to save the European Jews who were not yet subject to Hitler's regime. The correspondence with colleagues contains several letters from Louis Finkelstein, president of the Seminary, 1940-1972.

Lipnick's years at Congregation Beth El (1946-1960) are documented only through his writings. His tenure at Adath Jeshurun (1960-1965) is more fully documented by synagogue bulletins, memoranda concerning synagogue business, meeting notes, the by-laws of the congregation, a transcript of Lipnick's installation service, and correspondence and a summary of events relating to Lipnick's departure from the synagogue, and his decision to become the educational consultant for the World Council of Synagogues. Rabbi Lipnick's activities at the Jacksonville Jewish Center (1966-1969) are documented through the center's bulletins, some of which are bound.

Also included in this collection are personal items: biographical materials, a eulogy for his funeral, materials from son Jonathan's bar mitzvah, photographs, and notes on various meetings and trips.

Box List

1 1-3 Adath Jeshurun, correspondence and materials concerning Rabbi Lipnick's departure, 1961-1965.
 4 Announcements, n.d.
 5 Bar mitzvah speeches, 1963; 1968.
 6 Biographical, 1977.
 7 Book: From Where I Stand, materials pertaining to, 1985
 8 Book reviews, 1963-1964
 9 Civil rights: talks pertaining to, 1963-1968
 10 Community activities, 1960
 11-13 Correspondence, 1954-1966
 14 Early papers, 1935-1942
 15 Educational materials, 1968-1970
 16 Ethical will, n.d.
 17 Eulogies, 1950s-1960s
 18 Eulogies for Rabbi Lipnick, 1977
 19-20 Family life: materials pertaining to, 1943; 1961-1969
 21 Holocaust, 1943; 1970; 1986
 22 Homiletics class at Seminary, 1940s
 23 Important people: talks about, 1950-1963
 24 Impressions, 1964; 1969
 25 Israel Independence Day, 1965-1967
 26 Israel/Zionism, 1964-1967
 27 Jacksonville Jewish Center Bulletins, 1966-1969
 28 Jewish-Christian relations, 1962-1965
 29 Jews in foreign countries, 1962
 30 Kallahs, 1956
 31 Kashruth, n.d.
 32 Kennedy, John Fitzergald, 1960-1964
 33 Kennedy, Robert, assassination, 1968
 34 Loose pages, 1960s
 35 Manuscripts, 1960s
 36 Notes, scraps, miscellaneous, 1960s
 37 Peace, nuclear war, disarmament, 1960
 38 Photographs, unlabelled, n.d.
 39 Poland trip, n.d.
 40 Political and historical events, 1958-1969
 41 Prayer, 1968
 42 Prayer book committee, 1957-1959
 43 Priestly blessing, n.d.
 44 Qualifications for synagogue membership, n.d.
 45 Rabbinate: thoughts about, 1963
 46 Religion and mental health, 1964
 47 Selichot, Omer, Chanukah, Christmas, n.d.
 48-50 Sermons: High Holidays, 1957-1967
2 1 Sermons: High Holidays, 1963-1964
 2-3 Sermons: Miscellaneous, 1963-1964
 4 Sermons: Passover, 1951; 1960-1970
 5-11 Sermons: Sedrot, 1961-1969
3 1-2 Sermons: Sedrot, 1963-1967
 3 Sermons: Shavuot, 1951-1957
 4 Sermons: Sukkot, 1956-1967
 5 Sisterhood: Talks about, 1965
 6 Speeches for various occasions, 1957-1965
 7-8 Synagogue bulletins: Adath Jeshurun and Jacksonville Jewish Center, 1961-1969
 9 Synagogue thoughts, 1959-1965
 10-11 Temple Beth El, ad book messages, 1948-1959; miscellaneous materials, 1948, 1959
 12 Tribute: Dr. Moses Barron, 1964-?