Record Group 19: Cantors Institute/Seminary College of Jewish Music

  • Dates: ca. 1947-1979
  • Size: 5 linear ft.
  • Number of Boxes: 4
  • Languages: English
  • Location: Special Collections Reading Room, Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
  • Restrictions: Jewish Theological Seminary records are available for research, with permission, through 1972; records dating from 1973 and afterward are currently closed. For permission to see records of The Jewish Theological Seminary write to: Archivist, Ratner Center for the Study of Conservative Judaism, Jewish Theological Seminary, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027. Reproduction of fragile items is not permitted; consult the archivist about literary rights.
  • Related Collections: Solomon Rosowsky Papers, Jewish Theological Seminary Library

JM, 8/12/93

Table of Contents:

A Note on Folder Headings

Individual folders are identified in the following way: record group# -- box# -- folder#, as in R.G.1-10-32. Please use this format in citations and when referring to files for any other reason.

Historical Note

 [see caption]
Portrait of cantor Israel Goldfarb, rabbinical school class of 1902. Photographer: M. Froomkin, New York.

The Jewish Theological Seminary's Cantors Institute, a training school for cantors in the Conservative movement, was founded in 1952. The Cantors Institute is closely affiliated with the Seminary College of Jewish Music which grants both graduate and undergraduate degrees in Jewish music to students who are not necessarily cantors. The Seminary College of Jewish Music has long granted degrees to both men and women, but the Cantors Institute only began certifying women as cantors in 1987.

Collection Description

Records of the Cantors Institute/Seminary College of Jewish Music cover five linear feet and date from the Cantors Institute's founding in 1952 through the 1970s. Some material concerns the establishment of the Cantors Institute and dates from the late 1940s.

Included are: award, prize, and scholarship files, 1952-1977; communications between the Cantors Assembly and the Cantors Institute, plus some material dating from prior to the foundation of the Cantors Institute concerning its establishment, 1947-1977; material from commencements and convocations, 1952-1975; files, 1955-1977, concerning graduation recitals and documenting arrangements for concerts given by the Cantors Institute chorus and other musical groups; photographs, programs, clippings, announcements, and other material from an exhibit about the Cantors Institute's history, 1977; faculty biographical and correspondence files, 1951-1977; faculty meeting minutes, 1951-1977; a scrapbook (which has been disbound for preservation reasons) consisting of programs, announcements, clippings, and other material documenting the Cantors Institute's history, 1952-1977; and subject files, 1952-1979, mainly containing correspondence and memoranda, on a wide variety of topics.

Of particular note is a manuscript score of Charles Davidson's "I Never Saw Another Butterfly," a musical setting of poems written by children at the Theresienstadt concentration camp, 1942-1944. Material about a performance of the piece at the Seminary by the Columbus Boy-Choir in 1973 is also included.

Also of note is the file titled "Proposed School for Cantors" (box 1, folder 53) which contains correspondence between the Cantors Assembly and the Seminary concerning the establishment of the Cantors Institute. Additional material about the Institute's establishment, including printed announcements of its opening, can be found in the scrapbook and exhibit files.

Box List

Box Folder(s) Description 
  I. Award, Prize, and Scholarship Files, 1952-1977
11Bloch, Ernest, memorial scholarship, 1959-1960
 2Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, 1955-1965
 3Feld, Charles, prize, 1964
 4Hohenemser, Cantor Jacob, memorial fund, 1968
 5Jacobs, Sam, award, 1952-1955
 6-7New York State Scholar Incentive, 1972-1973
 8Norfolk, Virginia/Congregation Beth El, 1969-1971
 9-17Prizes, 1965-1976
 18Putterman, Amy, memorial fund, 1955-1956
 19Scholarship corresondence, 1966-1977
 20Scholarship funds, 1954-1955
 21Steinberg, Sylvia, scholarship, 1966
 22Sweet, Louis I./Al Goldberg memorial fund, 1970-1972
  II. Cantors Assembly, 1947-1977
 23Campaign for Cantors Instittue, 1955-1962
 24Code of procedure (placement), 1947; 1966
 25-26Conventions, 1964-1967; 1974
 27-29Correspondence and memoranda, 1953-1962
 30Correspondence on budget, fundraising, 1974-1977
 31Courses for cantors in regional branches, 1952-1953
 32Curriculum, 1974
 33Dubrow, Samuel, 1971
 34Ephros, Gershon, 1963
 35Financial, 1966-1971
 36-37Fund for Cantors Institue, 1952-1964
 38Fundraising, Israel bonds, 1970-1971
 39-40General, 1963-1965; 1972-1973
 41Graduates, invitations to membership, 1965
 42Jewish Liturgical Music, First Conference on, 1964
 43Joint Board for the Commissioning of Hazzanim, Statement of Standards, 1967
 44Joint Placement Commission, 1975
 45-46Kogen, David, 1971; 1974-1976
 47Library salvage fund, 1966
 48Meisels, Saul, 1972
 49Peerce, Jan, testimonial dinner, 1963
 50Placement committee, 1957-1963
 51-52Placement reports, 1972; 1974
153Proposed school for cantors, 1949-1950
 54-55Rosenbaum, Samuel, 1966-1975
 56-74Scholarship files, 1966-1975
 75Status of cantors, 1962-1966
21Status of cantors, 1962-1966
 2-6Summer sessions, 1951-1957
  III. Commencements and Convocations, 1952-1975
 7-27Commencements, 1954-1975
 28-30Convocations, 1952-1968
 31-32Diploma orders, 1969-1971
  IV. Concerts, 1955-1977
 33Anniversary, tenth, 1957
 34Announcements, flyers, 1967-1973
 35Benefit, 1970
 36Beth Sholom/Adath Jeshurun, 1976
 37Bryan, Marsha, 1975
 38Channel Thirteen, 1971
 39Choral Ensemble concert, Town Hall, 1957
 40Columbus Boychoir ("I Never Saw Another Butterfly"), 1973
 41-55Graduation recitals, 1955-1977
 56-65Hazzanut and secular recitals, 1971-1977
 66Ideas for concerts, 1967-1969; 1977; n.d.
 67Kopmar, Jerome, 1977
 68Marcus, Aaron, 1967
 69Orenstein, Arbie - Music For an Hour, 1965
 70Rosowsky, Solomon, memorial concert, 1964
 71Student concert, 1976
 72V. Exhibit, 1977
  VI. Faculty Files, 1951-1977
      a. Biographical and Correspondence Files, ca. 1950s-1970s
31-2    Biographical files (general), ca. 1950s-1970s
 3    Feldstern, Bruce
 4-5    Gideon, Miriam
 6    Gillman, Neil
 7-13    Kieval, Herman
 14    Kogen, David C.
 15    Labovitz, David
 16        Liefman, Morton
 17    Levi, Gershon S.
 18    Rosowsky, Solomon
 19-29    Spector, Johanna
 30    Sperber, Stanley
 31-36    Wohlberg, Max
  b. Faculty Minutes, 1951-1977
 10-11VII. Scrapbook (disbound) 1952-1954; 1972-1977
  VIII. Subject Files, 1952-1979
411aAcademic calendar, program of students, 1973-1974; course listing, n.d.
 12Advertisment, New York Times, 1974?
 13Alumni meeting, 1974
 14Anniversary, 25th, proposals for, 1974-1975
 15Board of Overseers, 1952
 16"Books for the Cantorial Student's Library," 1965
 17Brochures, Cantors Institute, 1968-1973
 18Budget reports, 1964-1966
 19Chancellor's inauguration, musical program, 1973
 19aClippings, 1970-1971
 20Comprehensives, 1975
 21Curriculum committee, 1966-1967
 22Curriculum: Hebrew studies, 1962-1965; 1973
 23Doctoral applicant - Fred Kaufman, 1979
 24-26Equipment needs, 1962-1974
 27-31Ethnomusicology bills, 1963-1973
 32Extension Dept., form letters, catalog, 1952; 1953
 33Films - memoranda, 1974-1977
 34Grade sheets, 1975-1976
 35-40Honorary fellows, 1974-1975
 (laid on top)"I Never Saw Another Butterfly," manuscript, children's poems from Theresienstadt concentration camp, 1942-1944. Music by Charles Davidson.
 41Inauguration, 1952
 42Inquiries about Jewish music, 1965-1974
 43Jewish music yearbook/journal, proposed, 1972
 44Jewish studies program in Cantors Institute, 1964-1967
 45Judaica curriculum, student listings, 1963-1964
 46Library, 1952-1955
 47Memoranda, 1975-1976
 48Metropolitan Opera Guild, student tickets, 1960s
 49National Jewish Music Council, 1954-1955
 50-59Payments, 1955-1975
 60Photographs, 1950s
 61Placement, 1964-1973
 62Plans, 1973-1975
 63Publicity, 1954-1955
 64Purchase registration forms, n.d.
 65Requests for cantors, 1955-1972
 66Sample letters from applicants, 1964-1970
 67Summer reading program, 1962
 68Summer session, 1953
 69Teaching fellow - Robert Toren, 1974
 70-71University of Judaism
 72-73Vocal boards, 1975-1976