Record Group: 8, Radio and Television Department

Series: A, "Directions" Television Program,

  • Dates: 1963-1985
  • Size: 2.5 linear ft.
  • Number of Boxes: 2
  • Languages: English
  • Location: Special Collections Reading Room, Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
  • Restrictions: Jewish Theological Seminary records are available for research, with permission, through 1972; records dating from 1973 and afterward are currently closed. For permission to see records of The Jewish Theological Seminary write to: Archivist, Ratner Center for the Study of Conservative Judaism, Jewish Theological Seminary, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027. Reproduction of fragile items is not permitted; consult the archivist about literary rights.

TSH, 1/4/95; rev. JM, 2/17/95

Table of Contents:

A Note on Folder Headings

Individual folders are identified in the following way: record group# -- box# -- folder#, as in R.G.1-10-32. Please use this format in citations and when referring to files for any other reason.

Historical Note

The Radio and Television department of The Jewish Theological Seminary produces JTS's radio and television programs.

JTS first began producing radio programs during the late thirties. Its first program was The Women's Hour, a half-hour, weekly show broadcast on WHN in New York. In 1944 JTS's popular weekly radio program, The Eternal Light, featuring dramatizations on Jewish themes was launched. Frontiers of Faith, a televsion program produced by JTS and broadcast on NBC was introduced in 1951.

In 1960 JTS cooperated with Protestant and Catholic groups to develop the Sunday afternoon television program Directions, which was aired on ABC.

For more about the Radio and Television Department see: Jeffrey Shandler and Elihu Katz, "Broadcasting American Judaism: The Radio and Television Department of the Jewish Theological Seminary" in Tradition Renewed: A History of the Jewish Theological Seminary vol.2 ed. Jack Wertheimer (New York: JTS, 1997).

Collection Description

At present the only portion of the Radio and Television Department's records that is processed and available for research is this group of records of the Directions television program. See the series description, below.

Series List

A. Directions, 1963-1985

Series Descriptions

A. "Directions," 1963-1985 Boxes 1-2

Included are files documenting the planning, production, and promotion of JTS's television program, "Directions." Each file is devoted to a program, and the files are arranged by date. Files contain: transcripts of the programs, correspondence regarding production, promotional material, and background material on the subjects addressed by the programs (not all of these can be found for each program). The bulk of this material is from the 1970s and it is unclear how completely these files reflect the entire output of the series.

Programs were devoted either to interviews, or to broader subjects. Interviewees include: Abba Eban (box 1/folder 31), Louis Finkelstein (1/3), Abraham Joshua Heschel (1/4), Molly Picon (1/26-27), Chaim Potok (1/8 and 40), I.I. Rabi (1/11), Roman Vishniac (1/5), and others.

Subjects treated include: Jewish-Christian relations (1,15), Jews in the American South (1/20), genetic engineering (1/28), the changing role of women in Conservative Judaism (1/42-44), business ethics (2/28), and more.

Box List

Box Folder(s) Description 
  A. "Directions," 1963-1985
11"Ethics in Five Acts," 1963
 1a"Writing is a Form of Prayer," 1/17/64
 2"Voyage to Inner Space," 1/6/69
 3"A Conversation with Dr. Louis Finkelstein," 7/13/71
 4"A Conversation with Rabbi Abraham Heschel," 11/21/71
 5"The Concerns of Roman Vishnaic," 12/12/71
 6"A Conversation with Elie Wiesel and Frank Reynolds," 6/72
 7"Special Care for Special Children," 1/21/73
 8"My Name is Chaim Potok," 6/10/73
 9"A Conversation with Sam Levenson," 9/23/73
 10"Kibbutz Langdon U.S.A.," 4/21/74
 11"A Conversation with I.I. Rabi," 10/6/74
 12"Simon Wiesenthal: A Conscience for Our Time," 10/13/74
 13"The Many Worlds of Leo Rosten," 12/1/74
 14"Religion, '75," 12/29/74
 15"Search for a Dialogue: Christians and Jews," 1/12/75
q16On the Seminary Department of Pastoral Psychiatry, 2/2/75
 17"The Fifth Cup," 3/23/75
 18"The Right to Believe," 3/30/75
 19"Synagogue 1975: Renewal or Retreat," 5/4/75
 20"Jews in the American South," 6/15/75
 21"Conscience of America, 1776-1976," 9/21/75
 22"Conscience of America: Elie Wiesel--One Generation After," 11/14/76
 23"'Through My Eyes': A Conversation with Joel Grey," 12/5/76
 24"Conscience of America: The Search for Nazis in America--A Conversation with Howard Blum," 2/13/77
 25"Brotherhood: Dream or Reality," 2/20/77
 26-27Interview with Molly Picon, 4/17/77
 28"Tampering with Genes," 5/1/77
 29"Dr. Jacob Teshima: A Bridge from East to West," 9/11/77
 30"A Plain Pine Box," 10/16/77
 31"A Conversation with Abba Eban," 12/4/77
 32"Gerem Means Strangers," 12/4/77
 33"A Conversation with Morris Abram," 12/18/77
 34"Mission to Egypt," 3/5/78
 35/36"American Jews to Israel," 4/2/78
 37"Briha: Flight to Security," 5/7/78
 38Conversation between Elie Wiesel and Father Theodore Hesburgh, 6/18/78
 39"Rabbinic Roots," 7/30/78
 40"The Wanderings of Chaim Potok," 11/19/78
 41"In Their Own Words: Voices of the American Jewish Experience," 12/3/78
 42-43"Conservative Jews Debate Women's Role," 2/4/79
 44 (oz.)"Conservative Jews Debate Women's Role," 2/4/79
21One hundredth birthday of Albert Einstein, 3/4/79
 2"Avenue of the Just," 4/8/79
 3On Pope John Paul II, 9/30/79
 4"Children of the Holocaust," 10/21/79
 5"Aging in Venice," 12/2/79
 6"Council for the Eighties: A Conversation with Sol M. Linowitz," 1/6/80
 7"The Electronic Church," 2/17/80
 8"Exodus 1939: The Jews of Danzig," 3/30/80
 9"The Space Between Us: The Family in Transition," 12/14/80
 10"The Moral Americans, 1980," Parts 1,2,3, 12/28/80, 1/4/81, 1/11/81
 11"Mid-East Dilemma: 'In the Presence of Mine Enemies,'" 2/8/81
 12"'Render Unto Caesar': But What is Caesar's?," 2/22/81
 13"The Moral of Masada," 3/22/81
 14 (oz.)"The Moral of Masada," 3/22/81
 15"Seventy-five and Fighting: American Jewish Committee," 5/10/81
 16On the Holocaust, 6/14/81
 17"Nes Ammim: A Sign to the Nations," 11/15/81
 18"The Pain of Progress: Hard Choices in Medical Ethics," 11/22/81
 19"Church Leaders and Reaganomics: A Matter of Concern," 1/3/82
 20"Language of the Soul: Klezmer Music," 4/4/82
 21"Unprosecuted and Unpunished?: War Criminals in the U.s.," 4/18/82
 22-23"Hospice: Emphasis on Living," 5/30/82
 24"American Jews and Israel," 9/26/82
 25"Interfaith Marriages," 10/17/82
 26"Peace in the Mideast: A Religious Perspe3ctive," 11/7/82
 27"Politics and Ethics," 12/28/82
 28"Of Business and Ethics," 1/16/83
 29-30"A Tale of Two Cities," 1/23/83
 31"A Tale of Two Cities," 1/23/83
 32"Of Law and Ethics," 2/13/83
 33"Capital Punishment: Justice or Vengeance?," 2/20/83
 34"Lutherans and Jews: A Dialogue," 2/27/83
 35"Church Lobbying: Shaping Public Policy," 5/8/83
 36"Simon Wiesenthal in Paris," 5/15/83
 37"A Spiritual Journey: One Man's Story," 10/23/83
 38"Women as Rabbis: Conservative Jews Vote Yes," 11/6/83
 39"The Day After," 11/20/83
 40"Religion and Politics," 6/24/84
 41"The Hush of Midnight," 9/23/84
 42"The Other Rebellion," 10/21/84
 43-44"Hard Choices: The Biomedical Challenge," 1/27/85