Interlibrary Loan FAQs

What is an Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that procures research materials that are not at the JTS Library.

Who is eligible for an Interlibrary Loan?

  • JTS students
  • JTS faculty
  • JTS staff
  • RA, CA, and JEA members
  • Members of The Library

What may be requested?

  • books
  • articles
  • microforms
  • music
  • audio-visual materials

What may not be requested?

Since JTS students and faculty have borrowing privileges at Columbia University, The Library does not make ILL requests for items found in the Columbia University libraries.

Is there a charge for this service?

The Library provides ILL services to our patrons for free. However, charges that are billed to JTS by the lending library will be passed on to the borrower.

How do I submit a request?

Requests may be submitted at the Refernce Desk or  electronically.

How long will it take for my item(s) to arrive?

The average wait time for an ILL item is ten days. Some items may take up to four weeks to arrive. Items requested from abroad may take two to three months to arrive.

How will I know when my item(s) have arrived?

You can choose to be notified by email or phone.

Where do I pick up my item(s)?

Items may be picked up at the circulation desk. Items not picked up by their due date will be returned to the lending library.

How do I renew Interlibrary loan item(s)?

Interlibrary loan items may be renewed by requesting a renewal at least four days before your item(s) are due.

What if I lose an Interlibrary Loan item?

We will report the loss to the original lending library. They will invoice us for the item and we will pass the cost on to you.