Research Guides to Jewish Studies: Art

Original Material

  • Bookplates
    • Call Number: BP (cataloged in Aleph)
  • Broadsides
    • Call Numbers: b (ns)bl Blessing panels, b c Calendars, b (ns)ch Charity, b (ns)cr Cruzim (poems and prayers), b (ns)dr Dreyfus affair (not in Aleph), b (ns)e Educational materials & diplomas, b (ns)fd Festival decorations, b (ns)gn Genealogical tables, b (ns)k Kabbalistic material, b (ns)m Maps, b (ns)mc Micrography, b (ns)op Oversize biblical prints, b (ns)or Original prints, b (ns)ov Oversize prints, b (ns)p Mizrahs, b (ns)ps Posters, and b (ns)pp Poems and prayers (Rare Book Room)
  • Ketubbot
    • Call Numbers: KET and KET Z: Zucker Collection Ketubbot (Aleph)
  • Postcards
    • Call Number: PST Postcards (partially cataloged in Aleph)
  • Prints and Photographs
    • Call Numbers: PNT E Anglo-Judaic Caricature, PNT F: Biblical Prints, and PNT G: Portraits (Aleph)
    • Call Numbers: PNT A Topography (synagogue prints), PNT B Costume prints, Ethnic types, PNT C Prints of Jewish ceremonies and customs, PNT D Prints of Jewish festivals, and PNT E Anti-Semitica (not in Aleph)
  • Scrolls
    • Call Numbers: S Megillot, Torah Scrolls, Kabbalistic scrolls (Aleph)
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Secondary Material

Important call numbers

N Visual Art
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design
ND Painting
NE Engraving
NK Decorative Arts
NX Art in General


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