Research Guide in Jewish Studies: Jewish Education

General Education

Jewish Education

General Education

I. Philosophy, History, Anthropology of General Education

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II. Human Development, Psychology of Learning

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III. Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

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IV. Moral education

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V. Educational Reform

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VI. Leadership and Administration

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VII. Gender and Education

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Jewish Education

I. Philosophy of Jewish Education

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II. Teaching and Learning and Curriculum

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III. The Contemporary Jewish Community; History and Contemporary Realities of American Jewish Education. Commission of Jewish Education in North America

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IV. Teacher Education and Professional Development

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V. Festschriften
Marantz, Haim, ed. Judaism and Education: Essays in Honor of Walter I. Ackerman. ERC LC715 .J83 1998
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VI. Bibliographies and Handbooks

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Wolf, Sandy Furfine. The Jewish Preschool Teacher’s Handbook.
ERC Oversize BM103 .W65 1991

VII. Journals and Magazines

Babagenewz (includes Teachers' and Parents' Guides)
Hebrew Higher Education
Jewish Education News CAJE
Jewish Educational Leadership (Contact JTS Library staff for password access)
Journal of Jewish Education
Ten Da’at
Religious Education
Studies in Jewish Education
Your Child

Derech Agada
Dor LeDor: Kevatsim le-heker toldot ha-hinukh ha-Yehudi ve-Yisrael uva-tefutsot
HaChinuch Ves'vivo
Hed HaChinuch
Mayim MiDalyav

VIII. Highlights From JTS’s Resources Available Online

ATLA/ATLAS Religion Database: Biblical studies and world religions; citations and selected full text articles from journals (1949–present)

EBSCOhost MasterFILE: Primarily non-Judaica, popular and scholarly (citations and selected full text)

Encyclopaedia Judaica: Second edition (2007 update of original 1971 edition)

ERIC: Education Resources Information Center: citations, abstracts, or full text of journal articles, books, conference papers, technical reports, and policy papers on education, (1960–present)

Index to Jewish Periodicals: Magazines and journals in English (citations only)

JSTOR: Scholarly journals in the arts and humanities, in European languages (full text)

Project Muse: Scholarly journals in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, 1990s–2000s (full text)

Bar-Ilan Responsa Project: Classic Rabbinic texts, responsa, Entsiklopedia Talmudit, journal articles

RAMBI: Reshimat Ma'amarim be-Mada'ei ha-Yahadut: Scholarly articles on Jewish subjects in several languages (citations only)

IX. Additional Electronic Resources
Many of these websites provide current reports, newsletters, lesson plans, and survey results and analysis.

Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education

The Avi Chai Foundation

Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York

Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education

Jewish Education Service of North America

Lookstein Center for Jewish Education

Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education

Melton Centre for Jewish Education [Hebrew University]

Melton Research Center: Standards and Benchmarks [The Jewish Theological Seminary]

Meltonarts: Learning About Judaism Through the Arts

Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education

RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network

Solomon Schechter Day School Association

Sosland Online Resource Center (Part of JESNA)

Sources for the History of Jewish Education (JEDU) (Also available on CD-ROM 92)

United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism: Education


Over 450 full-text electronic journals in Education are available via the Journal Locator from campus computers, and by remote access (for JTS students and faculty).