FAQs for The Gladstein Fellowship

What is the Gladstein Fellowship?

The Gladstein Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Leadership offers free rabbinic support to Emerging congregations within the Conservative Movement. A partnership between the major arms of the Conservative Movement and visionary Movement leaders Ned and Jane Gladstein, the Fellowship was formed in concert with The Jewish Theological Seminary (the Conservative Movement's largest degree-granting institution) as an internship program for rabbinical students seeking to help grow and strengthen Growing Conservative congregations. Since the program's inception in 2003, the Fellowship has thus far been awarded to eight rabbinical students.

How is the Fellowship structured?

The Gladstein Fellows work with larger, established congregations─known as Teaching Communities─while at the same time serving smaller, Growing congregations, known as Growing Communities. While living full-time in, working in, and learning from the Teaching Community, the Fellow also serves as the rabbinic presence in a Growing Community.

The Fellow visits the Growing Community one weekend per month to lead Shabbat services, provide educational programming for both children and adults, and offer guidance and support to board members, lay leaders, religious school teachers, etc. The Fellow will also lead services on the High Holy Days and other major Jewish holidays for the Growing Community.

Where in the United States do Gladstein Fellows live and serve?

Current Gladstein Fellows live in Teaching Communities in White Plains (Westchester County, New York) and Riverdale (Bronx County, New York).

The Fellow currently living in White Plains serves a Growing Community in Tallahassee, Florida, while the Fellow currently living in Riverdale serves a Growing Community in Lake Norman, North Carolina.

Former Gladstein Fellows have resided in a Teaching Community in Caldwell, New Jersey, and have served Growing Communities in Leesburg, Virginia and Skokie, Illinois.

Can the Teaching Communities assist in the strengthening of Growing Communities?

Yes! One of the major goals of the Gladstein Fellowship is to provide Growing Communities with a support network consisting of organizations within the Conservative Movement, founders of the Fellowship, and, most important, members of the Teaching Communities.

While clergy in the Teaching Communities assist the Fellows in developing rabbinic leadership skills that will strengthen the Growing Communities, lay leaders within the Teaching Communities can assist lay leaders in the Growing Communities in meeting many of the challenges their congregations will face as they seek to grow and expand. Strong and productive relationships have formed quite successfully over the past seven years between Teaching and Growing congregations through the Fellowship network.

Do the Growing congregations need to provide a salary or stipend to the visiting Fellow?

No, the Growing Community does not need to compensate the Fellow; a yearly stipend is provided by the Fellowship. Growing congregations are expected to cover only travel and housing costs for the Fellow during monthly and holiday visits.

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