Lieberman, Saul

Lieberman, Saul, 1898–1983

Name Lieberman, Saul, 1898–1983.
Special Call Number ARC 76
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6.4 linear ft. [Papers of Professor Saul Lieberman]

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Biographical Note Talmudic scholar. Lieberman was professor of Palestinian Literature and Institutions, dean, and rector of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
Collection Summary Correspondence and other material concerning Jewish Theological Seminary of America, American Academy for Jewish Research, and Jewish education and scholarship in the United States and Israel; notes, clippings, and manuscript works by Lieberman and others; and passports and other personal documents.
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Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
American Academy of Jewish Research.


Jewish learning and scholarship United States.
Jewish learning and scholarship Israel.
Rabbinical seminaries New York (N.Y.)
Jews United States.
Jews Israel.
Occupation Rabbis.
Jewish college teachers.
Archive Location Jewish Theological Seminary. Library, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY, 10027.
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Preliminary Box Level  
76-1 missing
76-2 Drafts of chapters of Tosefta (Terumoth(?); notes; clippings; cards; bibliographic references; 1962, n.d.)
76-3 American Academy for Jewish Research (AAJR) 1954–63: typescripts, meeting proceedings; birth certificate; printed ketubot; photographs; Seminary faculty meeting 1958; passports (Palestinian, U.S.)
76-4 Newspaper clippings, typescripts; offprints of articles; students papers and dissertation (Meir Havatzelet and Aaron Kirschenbaum)
76-5 Offprints of book-reviews of SL; notes, typescripts; typescript on cycles of Psalms, Torah readings (?); addresses; photographs of ms. (Bodleian Libr.)
76-6 Correspondence: I–Z, 1943–1982; JTS diploma 1941
76-7 Clippings; photocopies of JTS manuscripts; handwritten notes; typescript of Shelah pesikta 9; transcript of ms. of hesed la–maqshirin, 1958; photocopies of articles and typescripts; ms. transcript of mishnaic tractates (?)
76-8 Photocopies of letters received 1963–1972 from Israel; newspaper clippings; correspondence: A–H, 1932–1982
76-9 Newspaper clippings, reprints; hasdei David typescript pp. 23–178
76-10 Cards; correspondence, 1937–1980; letters sent by SL 1955–1979; envelopes, receipts, notes 1977–1981; photostats of ms.; AAJR 1963–66
76-11 Ketubot; correspondence, 1963–1976; Honorary degree from Dropsie College 1969; course curriculum; correspondence and printed material from Hebrew University 1970s; Academic gown.
76-12 Photocopies; hasdei David (miqvaot, eruvin, zavim, tehorot, etc)
76-13 Ms., typescripts, galleys, photostats of manuscripts; correspondence, 1932–1955 (in envelopes); ms. of tosefta (yebamot and nezirut)
76-14 Hasdei David (Ohalot); same II; negafim–parah
76-15 Printed tosefta Zuckermandel; Vayikra raba; Ha-Doar 1963 on SL.
76-16 Offprints of SL articles and others; photocopies; carbon copy of transcripts of mishnaic tractates (?, see box 7)
76-17 Photostats of ms.
76-18 Unprocessed