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The Library of JTS Music Archives


arranged and described by ELIOTT KAHN, D.M.A.,
April 2002

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Handbill. Concert by the orchestra of the Kulturbund Deutscher Juden, Frankfurt am Main. March 4, 1935. (The conductor later became known as William Steinberg.) (Box 29, folder 6)


Received after the original Herbert Fromm Collection was catalogued, The Herbert Fromm Addendum consists of additional papers and music scores of Herbert Fromm that were donated to the library between September 1996 and June 1997. Fromm's widow, Leni Steinberg Fromm, died on March 20, 1997. The Fromm Addendum was shipped inside two boxes and three large manila envelopes. It includes Herbert Fromm's awards and honorary diplomas, 1971-1994; a scrapbook (dismantled for preservation purposes) of Fromm's sixty-fifth birthday concert, 1970; some manuscript, published, and orchestral scores, 1934-1982; Fromm's published articles and manuscript essays, 1933-1988; correspondence organized alphabetically into a looseleaf binder, 1951-1963; additional correspondence in German and English, 1933-1988; and programs of musical events, 1924-1970.

Of special significance are the many printed programs from Jewish ensembles in Frankfurt am Main that Fromm composed music for or performed with from September 1933 until his emigration in January 1937 (Box 29, folders 6-8). These organizations were created to provide employment for Jewish artists forced out of work by the new National Socialist government in April 1933. Among them were: the Gesellschaft für jüdische Volksbildung, the Jüdischer Kammer-Chor, Frankfurt am Main, Die jüdischer Tonkünstler Frankfurts, and the Kulturbund deutscher Juden, Bezirk Rhein-Main. The Kulturbund deutscher Juden (Cultural League of German Jews) was the original name given to the German-Jewish cultural organization that was established in Berlin in July 1933. Other regional chapters were formed shortly after, including one for the Frankfurt/ Rhein-Main district. On the same day that the Nuremberg Laws of September 15, 1935 deprived German Jews of their citizenship, all these separate chapters were incorporated under the newly-created Reichsverband der Jüdischen Kulturbünde in Deutschland. From this time on, all German-Jewish cultural organizations had to belong to this umbrella organization that was under the control of the Ministry of Propaganda and Gestapo.


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I. Archival Material, 1924-1988

  1. Subject files, Programs, 1924-1970
  2. Awards, Diplomas, 1971-1994
  3. Correspondence, 1933-1988
  4. Published and unpublished writings, 1933-1988
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Program. Concert by the Jüdischer Kammerchor and Kulturbund-Orchester under the auspices of the Jüdischer Kulturbund Bezirk Rhein-Main. November 7, [1935]. (Box 29, folder8)

II. Musical Scores, 1934-1982

Only published and unpublished scores not found in the original Herbert Fromm Collection are catalogued. Although the Fromm Addendum contains some manuscript scores composed by Fromm in Germany, ca. 1934, the bulk of his unpublished German music (including his work for the State theatres, 1930-1933, and the Kulturbund, 1934-1936) can be found in the Herbert Fromm Collection.

Note: All the musical scores and published books may be accessed through the JTS Library Catalog (Search under "Fromm, Herbert" or title)

—Eliott Kahn, D.M.A., 2002

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Items marked with * indicates Fromm's original title.

    A. Subject Files, Programs, 1924-1970
29 1 *Geburtstage (Birthday book), n.d.
  2 Hebrew notebook, n.d.
  3 *Herbert Fromm Anniversary Concert (65th Birthday), 1970
  4 Programs, America, 1936-1991
  5 Programs, Germany , 1924-1933
  6 Programs, German-Jewish, miscellaneous, 1933-1937
  7 Programs, Jüdischer Kammer-Chor, Frankfurt am Main, 1933-1935
  8 Programs, Kulturbund, Bezirk Rhein-Main, Frankfurt am Main, 1934-1937
30   B. Awards, Diplomas, 1971-1994
    C. Correspondence, 1933-1988
31 1 Adler, Hugo (Chayim), 1945
  2 Altman, Ludwig, 1953-1961
  3 American correspondence, miscellaneous, 1940-1969
  4 Berger, Jean, 1959-1962
  5 Biggs, E. Power, 1953-1958
  6 Chajes, Julius, 1942-1944
  7 Ephros, Gershon, 1954-1958
  8 Faxon, George, 1959-1962
  9 Fine, Irving , 1957-1962
  10 Foss, Lukas, 1958-1959
  11 Freudenthal, Joseph, 1942
  12 Fromm, Paul, 1965
  13 Guttmann, [Oskar], ca.1934
  14 Hindemith, Paul, 1940
  15 Knab, Armin, 1933-1938
  16 Looseleaf correspondence, A-K, 1951-1963
  17 Looseleaf correspondence, L-Z, 1952-1962
  18 *Opus One [Recordings, inc.], 1982-1988
  19 Ross, Hugh, 1957-1960
  20 Werner, Eric, 1945-1959
    D. Published and unpublished writings, 1933-1988
32 1 Manuscript writings, Germany, 1933-1937
  2 *[Manuscript writings], Non-Jewish material, English and German, 1937-1969
  3 Manuscript writings, 1951-1988
  4 On Jewish Music, typescript of book, ca. 1978
  5 Published articles in journals, 1947-1990

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